About Me

Hey, this is Sutirtha Barua, welcoming minna to my humble little blog. I don’t think I will babble much about myself cuz I’m ABSOLUTELY not interesting in every possible way, trust me.
The thing is, it has definitely been a while since I wrote something. Anything, really. (Apart from academical stuffs cuz somehow that’s a compulsion) And I came here hoping that I could learn a lot from everyone around here.

Talk about learning, I almost forgot to mention : I’m majoring in English Literature from Jadavpur. University, Kolkata, India. Well, I really am awful at introductions, aren’t I? You won’t believe that I don’t even know where to put this post up after I’m done writing it. Anyhoo, here’s hoping I’ll get to meet some pretty interesting characters and get to retain some of those qualities for meself.

So yeah, do follow my blogs (if and whenever I post them) and don’t be reluctant to comment anything. All sorts of critics are and will be really appreciated. Each of your thoughts count. And aye, if you want to ask me anything personally then just drop a mail to sutirthabarua31@gmail.com.

Thank you.